UKS2 Non-Fiction Comprehension – Galapagos Tortoise

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3 reviews for UKS2 Non-Fiction Comprehension – Galapagos Tortoise

  1. Jacky Smith

    This looks good. Are there any answers please?

  2. Rachel Tutcher

    Lovely vocabulary and content – again are there any answers please?

    • Ben Mayoh

      Hi Rachel,

      The answers are just being finalised. They should be with you at the weekend.

      Best wishes,
      Ben Mayoh (Director)

      • Ben Mayoh

        All online now – sorry for the short delay! Enjoy and as ever, let us know what you think…

  3. sam clark-allan

    Is there a way to download all of these together? It’s a faff to download and save each one.

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