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About DU!

Deepening Understanding was launched in 2016 to provide a range of tasks, which can be used during mathematics as well as grammar lessons, to challenge the minds of primary pupils and add depth to their learning. We hope that you find the resources, which we provide, useful and can recommend our website deepeningunderstanding.co.uk to others! Our subscribers mean everything to us so if you’ve joined, we welcome resource requests from you.

Our Team

As a result of your fantastic support, Deepening Understanding has grown quickly. We are now a team of over 15 full-time teachers who work together (alongside our current jobs) to make resources exclusive for other professionals.


Executive Director

Ben Mayoh


Mary Mayoh

CPD Lead Trainer

Claire Martin (NCETM PD Lead / MaST)

Our team is also made up of numerous ‘freelance’ designers who work on their chosen resource allocations each month. 

We hope you enjoy the world of DU – Happy Teaching!